The Best Way To See Rome In a Day? - SEGWAY!

Duration: 3 Hours
City: Rome, Italy
Budget: $57
Type of Travel: Segway Tour, With A Maximum of 8 Travelers

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was touring it. In fact, Rome is a large city spread out far and wide with ancient ruins and beautiful landmark sights that are must-sees!

But, who wants to spend hours and hours walking around to finally reach a landmark to view for a few minutes and take pictures in front of.  Eventually, it can become a bit anti-climatic.

SO, we have the perfect solution for anyone about to take this trip: SEGWAY!



If you are someone who is reading this and thinking ‘I have NEVER ridden a segway and/or there is NO way I can’ – Keep Reading! This is for Beginners!

Exploring Rome

3 Hour Tour

We booked our tour on a site called Viator.

If you haven’t heard of this site, it is a great source for checking out the different trips and tours available in different cities and countries. They are a TripAdvisor sister company and provide a lot of information when you click into different tours as well as reviews on them.  Highly recommend using it if you are about to plan a trip and are not sure where to go or start when seeing the next beautiful city on your agenda.

Watch Us Segway

The Agenda

1. Start – Piazza Venezia

 Here is where you meet a guide that helps you learn how to step on a 2-wheeled segway, balance yourself and a short practice session. 

Personally, I thought not everyone would be able to learn this in such a short period of time but surprisingly by the end of the practice session, everyone was up and ready to ride.

2. See Rome’s Historical Center

See attractions like Capitoline Hill, Archaeological Ruins of the Roman Forum (Arch of Constantine and Trajan’s Column). Continue to glide to Palentine Hill and Circus Maximus.

While riding along, you get headphones and historical context about all of these spots which really brings it all together.  There are also multiple spots where you actually get to stop for a photo op! How much more optimal can it get?

3. The Colosseum, Church of Santa Maria, Bocca Della Verita & The Mouth of Truth.

Take a photo in front of the Colosseum, this famous and historic amphitheater is yes, the place where ancient gladiator battles took place!

There are several different Segway tours, but it is RARE to see the Truth in Cosmedin on them – another reason to book this one.



The Highlight of the Trip!
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