inside the volcano


The tour

When: The tour is available from May 10th – October 31st

Duration5-6 Hours

-Walking about 2 miles (3.5 km) from the volcano and back each way. This walk takes about 45-50 minutes.

– 40 minutes inside the volcano.

– Lunch 

Fitness Ability – While they do not require you to be in the utmost shape, the terrain that you are walking on is very hilly and uneven. So, expect to be walking and somewhat hiking on certain parts of this tour.

Age Requirement –  At minimum 12 years old.

Price$380-$400 (ISK 44.000)

“JOURNEY towards the

center of the earth”

Descend 120 meters into a volcano that erupted 4,000 years ago.”

Our adventure

Experience “Inside The Volcano” With Us:

Watch as we travel across Iceland Terrain to a dormant volcano and actually go down into it and explore!


Iceland is known as “one of the most active volcanic regions in the world“. Because of Iceland’s location and the moving plates of the Eurasia and North America (A.K.A. – The Mid-Atlantic Ridge), the earth’s crust is continually moving apart. This causes around 3-4 volcanic eruptions a year. The volcano we happened to visit sits right in the middle of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge! 


the volcano

The name of the volcano we descended down is Þríhnúkagígur or “Three Peaks Crater” (one of which we actually descend down during the tour, which you will see from the video linked above!).  While it was dormant, it is still an amazing phenomenon to experience. It’s last eruption was over 4,000 years ago.

amazing views.

While this tour is on the pricey-er side, it is definitely a once in a life-time experience! We highly suggest considering spending the extra bucks on this one. How often do you get to trek across a place so unique on the planet and then descend down a dormant volcano around for over 4000 years?

As Nike says, Just Do It! 


stunning experiences.

Check Out That Double Rainbow!

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